About IDM Tooling

IDM Tooling was established in 2016 after rebranding our 25+ year-old company, PDSI.  We specialize in four areas of the manufacturing process to help bring our clients’ ideas from dreams to reality.  We are a turnkey design, development, and manufacturing company that specializes in building injection molds and producing plastic parts.  We also provide assembly and fulfillment services. 

About Us

Our founder, Michael Freitas, has been manufacturing parts and producing injection molds around the world for over 45 years.  He has over 50 patents in his name.

1. Design Services

IDM offers CAD, reverse engineering, mold design, mold flows & industrial design solutions.  Whether you need to improve an existing product or design a new product from the ground up, we can help.

2. Injection Molds

IDM makes injection steel molds around the world including USA, Portugal, China, Taiwan, India and more.

3. Production

IDM produces parts in USA (70%), China, Taiwan, and India. We have solutions for low volume production up to 24+ million parts per year.

4. Fulfillment

IDM provides several options for fulfillment services based on your needs.  These include direct shipment, warehouse distribution, packaging, and more.

Company History

The IDM Tooling team has been providing design & manufacturing solutions for more than 4 decades.  We serve over 100+ industries including industrial, outdoor, sports, beauty, transportation, healthcare, and countless others. We are ISO 9001 compliant and certified by Q3 2021.  We design and produce products that are FDA registered, patented, and distributed around the world.

The owner and founder Michael Freitas has been engineering and developing for over 50 years in Texas and has over 50+ patents of new product development.  IDM manufactures and distributes products all over the country including building the tool, producing the parts, assembly, and distributing to the end users.